Our Mission

Our mission is to promote South Asian culture through educational and enrichment programs. 

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide educational and cultural experiences to children and adults using language, food and events. 

Our Founder

Anu Sehgal is the Founder and President of The Culture Tree. She lives in New York with her husband and her two sons. She is a marketer by profession. She holds an MBA from Yale University and has worked in the corporate sector for almost 15 years. She has worked with NYU's bilingual STARTALK program to develop the program and curriculum at The Culture Tree. Anu grew up in India and is a native Hindi speaker. 

About Anu

I grew up in India and moved to the US more than 20 years ago. After the move, I was starved for authentic Indian experiences and community and devoured anything that came my way: film festivals, exhibits, book readings etc. Once I became a mother, the lack of quality and authentic Indian programs and classes became even more evident. I am an active parent and believe an awareness of one’s heritage, culture and language is key for children to become self-aware and confident individuals. I also recognize the immense benefits of being bilingual.  

A as a cultural educator, I am looking forward to providing children with authentic, immersive and inspiring experiences. Through classes and events, we can offer cross-cultural exposure that can help shape knowledgeable, open-minded and respectful individuals.


The Culture Tree continues to expand. Although initially language was our primary focus, we have now expanded to cultural events and cooking classes, and building a sense of community. We are also partnering with organizations and museums to bring South Asian culture and languages to the forefront.

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Our Teachers

Fatima Shehzad

Fatima is from Pakistan and is a native Urdu speaker. She is our head Urdu teacher and has  worked with children for 5+ years. She likes to make learning fun and a positive experience for her students. 

Rachna Khanna

Rachna is a native Hindi speaker and she is our head Hindi teacher. She is a mother of twin 15 year olds, who speak Hindi fluently and are strongly grounded in the Indian culture. Her passion is to teach Hindi to other children, her teaching style is gentle and fun. 

Vandana Vyas

Vandana is from Uttar Pradesh in India and is a native Hindi speaker. She holds a Masters in Education and Hindi.  She has been in the education field for the past 15 years and was a high school principal in India. She is trained for bilingual teaching (Hindi) at NYU and loves to make learning fun and culturally relavant.

Huma Masood

Huma is a native Urdu speaker and was born in Lahore, Punjab. She has been teaching children for 7+  years. She has a Masters degree from Lahore College for Women. She is our Urdu and Yoga teacher.

Rama Balachandran

Born in India, Rama grew up in the UK, New Zealand, Canada and the US. She is now settled in
New Yor

Rama was born in India and is a practicing attorney, dancer, dance teacher and choreographer. She is an accomplished performer, teacher and nattuvangam artist who also provides vocal support for Bharatanatyam recitals.  She practices the Kalakshetra style and her guru is Gayatri Devi and Padma Bhushan Dhananjayans.

Alyssa Chase

Alyssa is a trained performing artist and has been teaching and facilitating programs in presenting and interpersonal skills for years now. She is our Public Speaking teacher. She has worked with children under educational theater contracts as an actor-educator. She is currently a graduate student at Teachers College, Columbia University

Megha Sariya

Megha has a bachelor's degree in Bharatnatyam and has  been training children in Bollywood and Bharatnatyam for the past 15 years. She has performed in many shows in India and the US and has worked with a lot of Bollywood celebrities.  She is currently training more than 70 children in both Bharatnatyam and Bollywood. Her teaching style is  fun and simple for all age groups.