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Hindi and Urdu Language


Our goal is to develop love for the Hindi or Urdu language and South Asian culture in every child that enters our program. Our program has an emphasis on conversational learning. We teach using a multi-sensorial approach, in which the child will experience and learn the language through stories, music, songs, art, movement, and food!  

In each class we introduce unique themes, and words and sentences associated with it. Every class is interactive, where children get continuous chances to learn and apply the language. We also send parents suggestions on how to reinforce the class learnings for their children at home. This makes the language learning process more fun and also furthers a bonding experience with the child’s family. We also celebrate culturally significant events and personalities during the course of the program.   

Fall: 12 Classes

All Classes are dependent on the final enrolment numbers | All classes are drop-off classes (Except Toddler classes) | All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable | Upto 2 make-ups offered, dependent on availability at other centers | Each class is 45 mins long (except for Intermediate level, which is 1 hr long)