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The Namaste Express

We are leading the development of a children's exhibit on India at the Children's Museum of Manhattan. The Namaste Express, a potential new exhibit on the beauty and diversity of India’s different cultures, history and technological advancements today.

For more information and to donate toward the exhibit’s development, visit

Lassi with Lavina

Beautiful article by Lassi with Lavina on the America to Zanzibar exhibit at the Children's Museum of Manhattan. There is a quote on The Culture Tree and Anu Sehgal, and about their partnership with CMOM in brining quality, educational South Asian events to the museum.

Eid at the Indian Consulate

The Culture Tree was honoured to be invited at the annual Eid celebration at the Indian Consulate on July 17. The event included shayari, ghazals and Indian classical music.

TV Asia Coverage

On June 24, The Culture Tree hosted Eid Around the World event at the Children's Museum of Manhattan. Here is the coverage of the event on TV Asia.

Holi Coverage

Our Holi event was covered by publications such as Time Out, Mommy Poppins and A Child Grows In Brooklyn:  


Ratna Mukhani

"My sons have really enjoyed this program. They have begun to learn vital skills in order to be effective communicators. The teachers were very patient, supportive and encouraging. I would highly recommend this class to anyone looking to improving their children's presentation and communication skills."

Bina Shah

"Dilan truly enjoyed the Public Communications class. He learned a lot of wonderful skills and the carryover, homework, and group and individual participation was carefully implemented. He has a developed a good early foundation of life skills as a result."

Raina Mehta

"It's been amazing to converse in Hindi with my daughter and listen to her sing Hindi songs. A big thanks to Anu for putting so much thought and care into the curriculum."

Prashanthi Reddy

"My son was able to communicate in Hindi with his Grandfather, that was a magic moment for them both:)"

Ratna Mukhani

"This class is a great opportunity for our kids to learn Hindi and the culture. Every week my kids (5 year old) are very excited to come to the class. The teachers are very dedicated and great with the kids."

Sun Kim

"Our son (age 5) is an enthusiastic participant of this class. The teachers do a great job of making the class interactive and fun through song and games, while simultaneously packing in a lot of learning! He comes home wanting to practice his writing and slipping Hindi words into our conversations."

Coconut Laddu Recipe

Diwali is the biggest and most celebrated festival in India. It is the festival of lights and symbolizes the victory of good over evil. No Diwali celebration is complete without mithai (sweets in Hindi). During Diwali, you see mounds of colourful mithais in the market. People give mithai to friends, family and neighbors, like gifts are exchanged during Christmas.    One of the favorite mithai’s especially amongst kids is laddu. They are ball-shaped sweets of different types that are typically made of flour, milk/cream, spices, nuts, sugar and other ingredients that vary by recipe.    Here is the recipe of nariyal ka laddu or coconut laddu.